Medallion Animal Clinic

Poisonous Plants

There are a number of common plants that may be toxic to dogs and cats and should be avoided. These include:

Arum Lily Autumn Crocus Australian Flame Tree Avocado 
Azalea Baneberry Bird Of Paradise Bishop’s Weed Black Laurel 
Black LocustBleeding Heart Bloodroot Bluebonnet 
Blue-Green Algae Boxwood Bracken Fern Buckthorn 
Bulb Flowers Burdock Cacao Camel Bush 
Caladium Calla Lily  Cardinal Flower Chalice
Cherry Tree  Chinaberry Tree ClematisCocklebur 
CoffeeCoral Plant Coriander Dieffenbachia 
ElderberryElephant Ear (Taro)  Eucalyptus  Euonymus  
False HelleboreFlame TreeFelt Plant Firethorn 
Four O’Clock  FoxgloveGlottidium Golden Chain 
Ground Cherry HeathsHeliotrope  Hemlock  
HenbaneHolly  HoneysuckleHorse Chestnut  
HorsetailHydrangea  English Ivy Jasmine  
JimsonweedLantanaLarkspurLily Of The Valley 
Easter Lily Lupine Marijuana Mandrake 
Mexican Poppy Milkweed Vetch Yellow Jasmine 
Mistletoe Mock Orange  Monkshood Moonseed 
Morning Glory Mountain Laurel Mushrooms  Nightshades 
Oak OleanderPeriwinklePhilodendron
Pigweed Poinciana Poinsettia Poison Ivy
Poison Oak Pokeweed Potato ShootsPrivet 
Pyracantha Rain Tree Ranunculus (Buttercup) Rape 
Red Maple SnowdropSpurgesSweet Pea

Our Hospital Is Closing Permanently

Medallion Animal Clinic will permanently close for business at 5:00 PM on Friday October 8, 2021. In accordance with state law, we will maintain your pet’s records until October 8, 2026. Until then, you can request your pet’s records by contacting us via email at

  • Clients may request their pets' records by contacting or by calling 214-369-4997.
  • For EMAILED records to you and/or your new veterinarian's office, please allow at least (1) week for records to be processed. (No charge.)
  • For delivery by US MAIL, please allow at least (2) weeks for records to be processed. (Copying, labor, cost of supplies and postage fees will apply.)
  • The clinic's online pharmacies (Vetsource & Covetrus) will both cease to allow transactions after November 30, 2021.
  • New prescriptions for food or medications from local and other online pharmacies will no longer be approved after November 30, 2021.
  • If you have outstanding prescriptions with refills available or need to request refills please complete them within this timeframe.
  • Pet cremains (ashes) that have not been arranged to be picked up by October 25, 2021 will be returned for interment at Pet Haven Memorial Park in Aubrey, TX.
  • Clients who would like follow up care with Dr. Shook may schedule appointments with him at Chisholm Ridge Pet Hospital in Saginaw, TX. You can reach the hospital and request Dr. Shook at 817-234-9919 beginning November 1, 2021.

Thank you for your support!